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Stylish and sophisticated tie bar &tie tack are neat and stylish metal accessories, they are widely used in holiday, birthday, anniversary, events and other formal occasions. Simple one is just the plain tie clip, customized logo to be engraved or printed; some customized tie bars are decorated with a personalized emblem to express personal styles. With the cufflinks as a set, tie bars & cufflinks are ideal gift for gentleman.

We are the expert manufacturer to make various personalized tie bar &tie tack without MOQ limitation, we have professional artist and skilled workers, pay attention to every detail of the tie bars and tie tacks, inspect after each step to make sure no defectives shipped to clients. The customized tie bars &tie tacks can be made of bronze, zinc alloy, iron, pewter, sterling silver and more, along with fine hand polishing and various plating, packed with beautiful customized velvet pouches, jewelry boxes or other particular packing to make the tie clips more luxury.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, let’s work together as a team to turn your unique design to beautiful and exquisite tie bars and tie tacks.

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