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As a leading manufacturer & exporter of custom bottle opener, Brilliant provide all kinds of bottle openers from beer openers to soft drink can openers and wine openers.
Our customized bottle openers are great for bars, restaurants, hotels, promotions, special events, or can be an incredible avenue for broad advertisements and much more. You can choose our existing mold for free mold fee or create your own customized style. They are manufactured by a variety of quality material such as metal, plastic, soft PVC, silicone and be customized into virtually any shape and form. 

Branding can be done stamped, Casting, photo etched, printing, color filling, painting or laser engraving. Custom graphics and texts can be added, which may be the company name or logo, or even contact details or a web address for the company website. This can prompt prospective clients or customers to learn more about a product or service offered by the brand or company. 

If you are interested in creating personalized bottle opener, please contact us today for further information!

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