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Stylish multifunctional headwear as face mask is in great need nowadays, it can prevent you from dust, wind, sand, UV ray etc. when you are out for any activities, and even the droplet can be isolated efficiently by it. Say you can use such unique multifunctional headwear not only as a scarf, cap, headband, balaclava or wristband, but also a facemask! You know how difficult to get a mask at anti virous period. The practical multifunctional headwear is a best solution then. It’s breathable, soft and comfortable to wear, eco-friendly and washable, so you can reuse it without any concern. 

In case you are the owner of an outdoor activity club such as hiking, cycle, motorbike, skating etc. or a promotional campaign planner, this fashionable multifunctional headwear would not be missed. Your members or target customers will keep in mind your thoughtful behavior for long. What a successful advertising effect, right?

As a professional bandana manufacturer, we have devoted ourselves with advanced craft and equipment for years, you can order any pattern you can think of, only with an idea, we can bring it to life. In touched? Then contact us right now, we will give you more than expected!  

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