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Brilliant is one of the top professional customized retractable lanyard manufacturers in China, we made millions of adjustable lanyards, tool lanyards, lanyard ID holders, ID badge reels each year.

Retractable lanyards are great choice for hospitals, government buildings, corporate headquarters and other working environments which require employees to regularly draw or swipe their photo id cards for security purposes. All of our customized  retractable lanyards are ECO friendly, and the lanyard can be with variety of material types, sizes and pantone colors to meet your needs. The retractable ID badge reels are also available in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes, it can be plain or with custom print logo and very conveniently to reach your ID, keys and small tools. When proper measures are taken like apply for reliable retractable lanyard or other tool lanyard, it gives the feeling of extra assurance that you are protected and it can avoid the injuries during work.

We provide the valued clients with one-stop solution for design, production and shipment. Find the product that best suits your needs from our extensive collection of retractable lanyard, carabiner, heavy-duty ID badge reels etc.

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