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Brilliant prides ourselves to make high quality custom police badges, cop badges, detective badges, sheriff badges, patrol badges, agent badges, inspector badges, marshal badges for ages, as we are quite aware of the great honor when you put your officer badge every day. 

Nowadays, the police empowered to enforce the law, reduce the civil crime, and protect community harmony etc., their customized badges are the most visible sign of their authority and a constant reminder of duty. The custom police badge will be commonly attached to clothing, bags, footwear, vehicles, home electrical equipment for widely use. We believe the personalized police badges with premium quality can bring lasting impression for generations. These cop badges can be included different texts, department insignia, and pertinent information for easy identification. 

Our custom army badges can be made from different kinds of durable metals like brass, bronze, copper, pewter, zinc alloy in your choice. The strong accessory and fasten soldering way make sure your sturdy and attractive custom police badge. Please rest assured that you are buying the best police badge when purchasing from Brilliant, a leading professional pin maker.  

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