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Brilliant assure to fit your custom medal needs well, we are one of the largest medal makers in China and with years of experience behind us. 

We provide customers with different styles of gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals, military medals, army medals, and sport medals in high quality and best price, making us your choice. Custom medallion is a unique way to increase your name identification while simultaneously awarding to a person or organization for sporting, military, scientific, cultural, academic, or various other achievements. Most important, custom medals show all the time, energy, sweat and risk you put into achieving something that is greater. Earning a medal, that is what it’s all about. 

Custom medals made with durable material like bronze, copper, iron, pewter and zinc alloy can be gilded, silver plated, color filled or finished in a variety of other ways to improve their appearance. Here at Brilliant, we work directly with you to develop your personalized medals throughout the whole process from creating professional artwork to final medallions shipped.   

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