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The excellent custom luggage straps provided by Brilliant are well designed, sturdy, reliable and stylish. Most of the custom luggage straps come in pairs of two, you will be able to cross your luggage with the strap for an extra-tight bind. In addition, a strong luggage belt forms a convenient handle for your luggage, making it easier for baggage handlers to heft it in and out of airplanes and baggage carousels. It is really a must travel accessory for the trip!

The users love the bright color for their personalized luggage straps and to be designed with the unique logos, so it is easy to recognize your baggage and it is perfect to keep your luggage safe and secure. Our strong luggage strap features an adjustable length, and a secure buckle made of durable poly and plastic material that will not snap or bend outward, it is a perfect gift for any traveler. Also, personalized luggage strap is widely applied to promote business brand. 

Please do not feel hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about custom luggage strap, we look forward to working for your special one.

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