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Zipper pull is vastly used on many different products, such as any style of utility packaging, your clothes, premium zipper attachments for purses and bags, or any other quality products you can think of. In case you are a purchasing manager or entrepreneur of clothes, bags etc. and struggle to find a reliable zipper pull manufacturer for your new product, then your source can end here.

We have been the leader in producing all kinds of zipper pull for many years, our product range cover from metal zipper pulls, rubber (soft PVC or silicone) zipper sliders, leather zipper tags to woven zipper pulls etc. 

You can custom your unique zipper pull printed, engraved, embossed VS debossed, or any size/ shape you can assume. Your personalized design can be made in one side or two sides. Just let us know the usage scenario of zipper pull and your budget, we will suggest you the most suitable processing way accordingly.  

In Brilliant, you will have the upmost freedom to create what you want, we just your private assistant for making your outstanding zipper pull. Reach to us right for more details~ 

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