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As a leading professional designer and manufacturer of custom lanyard wrists, we are capable of providing wide selections of lanyard wrist for different applications at low cost. 

Lanyard wrists, wrist straps, wrist bands and lanyard straps are great for holding keys, small devices, meters, tools and accessories, it helps you to save much time to organize or find them. The shorter lanyard provides our customers the flexibility and convenience to carry them around easily, they will display your message vibrantly when worn by customers, guests, and patrons. Designed unique with your customized logo which will nicely decorate your life and personality. Also, as a promotional gift, you will attract more attentions when you wear to your office or any casual gathering
Depending on the specific application, our lanyard wrist can be made of soft material like polyester, fabric, rubber, leather as well as other materials, makes you have feeling of fashion, personality and more comfortable even to wear whole day. 

We also sell complete lanyard wrist and individual parts, such as lanyard hooks, nylon straps, d-rings, buckles and hardware to accommodate your individual needs.

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