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Lanyard wallet is very useful to hold cards, ID, keys and other small daily essentials, come with removable neck lanyards but can also be attached to keychains. With a stylish pattern of both the wallets and lanyards, stylish lanyard wallets are very popular for ladies of any ages.
The typical wristlet wallets we supply have clear window pouch on front side to show case access card or related things, on the top there is a wrap-around zipper closure to ensure daily essentials are kept securely & tidy. Materials like polyester, cotton, canvas, nylon, PU leather and genuine leather are all suitable to make the customized lanyard wallets, logo can be dye sublimation, print, embroidery on fabric, printing or hot stamping on leather, the logo can be colorful and durable. Can customized with multiple dividers to organize things better, or with some practical and novelty accessories, like retractable badge reel, zipper pull charm or ribbon bow and more, to make your lanyard wallets more personalized and attractive. 

Provide us your personalized lanyard wallets design, and we will hit all your unique requirements about material, size, color and outlook, Brilliant never let you down. 

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