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Shoulder epaulettes are a type of ornamental shoulder piece or decoration used as insignia of rank by armed forces and other organizations. They’re usually colorful and often convey a rank. Due to its high quality feature and elegant look, personalized epaulettes become more and more in demand on uniforms. With the rich experience to serve militaries, Brilliant is proud to be one of the military epaulette manufactures. We have been successfully providing high quality epaulettes to pilots, solider and guards of King. 

Customer can design the uniform epaulettes shoulder boards in different ways, for example in embroidery fabric, in golden bullion fringe, in metallic thread embroidery, in TPU, in gold wire and badge style, etc. It can be attached on the clothing by many ways as well, by sewing, hook & loop straps, safety pin, heat seal, tail folding + button, elastic strap, leather strap, etc. 

As an epaulette manufacturer, we can follow the customized design for the epaulettes shoulder boards, any size and any colors are both available. Trust Brilliant and send us the design to cooperate together.

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