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Introducing our custom retractable badge reel holder - the perfect blend of style, functionality and eco-friendliness! If you're tired of plain and uninspiring badge holders, our custom badge reel holder is here to add a touch of sparkle to your daily work routine. With a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) and wholesale pricing, this product offers both affordability and quality reliability.

Made of eco-friendly materials such as ABS and acrylic, our reel holders come with SGS/SDS reports, ensuring their environmental credentials. They are designed to be sparkling, customizable, lightweight and incredibly easy to use. Filler options, including glitter, sequins, tiny beads, and tiny seashells, allow you to personalize your reel holder to match your unique style.

This versatile accessory is not only a fashion statement, but also a practical one. It makes an excellent gift choice for a wide range of professionals, including nurses, doctors, teachers, office workers, students, and factory workers. Whether you need to carry keys, an ID badge holder, credit cards or work badges, our Sparkly Custom Retractable Badge Reel Holder is a convenient and stylish solution for your everyday needs. Elevate your work attire and stay organized with this delightful accessory that adds a touch of glamour to your workday.

Sparkle up your badge game today! Inquire now for personalized badge reel holders that shine with style and functionality.


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