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As a big custom made keychain manufacturer, we have wide selection for your unique ideas. Options for customizing include multi processes, various materials, different sizes & thickness, colors, diversified plating (if metal), unique finishes, upgrade packaging and so on. 

Premium custom metal keychain stays a higher grade and can impress your audience deeply, the process can be die struck bronze/ copper/ iron, die cast zinc alloy/ pewter, photo etched, colorful enameling, offset or silkscreen printing etc. Especially the laser engraving can make it more prominent. We offer gold, silver, copper, bronze plating as well as black plating and antique finishes.

The cute rubber custom keychain is one of the most favorable promo items. Or if you would like something low-key or nostalgic, the custom leather keychain will be your best choice. Your logo or elements for them can be debossed or embossed plus printed. 

You can also get a valuable handmade embroidery keychains and exquisite acrylic keychains. They are all friendly to your events or promotions. 
We not only make 2D designs but 3D cubic designs, custom cut outs can be added as well. Your logo can be expressed in two sides. Reach to us for more now~


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