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Brilliant is a professional manufacturer of dog harness and cat harness, we care much for your loved little family member.

Collar is a good choice for walking pets, while the harness is superior, as it can distribute the force across the pet’s chest, so he’s not vulnerable to pain or injury. The most important thing for your loved pets is they feel comfortable when wearing control equipment. Our harness is durable, soft, adjustable and ergonomic, the material used are breathable, so it helps your pets feel maximum comfort. We devote to produce customized harness as comfortable wear, easy adjustment, and effortless fit. We have some standard size, customized size is welcomed, all the harness can be adjustable the size to fit the chest of your pets; with quick-release buckles that make the harness easy to put on and take off; a strong D-ring at the back of the harness or under the chest is perfect for training the pets to walk with leash or prevent the pets from pulling. Small pet charms can be decorated to harness for identification or fashion.

Feel free to contact us to customize stylish and fashion harness in wholesale price.

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