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Miniature fridge magnet is a magic tool in your family. It’s not only the decoration for your fridge, but also can help you keep various bills, message notes, your children’s schoolwork and so on. What’s more, you can display your family photos through it, it’s a great way to increasing the feelings of your family members. Contribute to its high practicability, more and more people would like to keep one personalized fridge magnet in their kitchen. 

What a great business opportunity! You can custom your brand info with this low-cost but practical fridge magnet and hand out at your advertising events, promo campaigns etc. The users will keep in mind your kindness when they step into kitchen. 

As a professional fridge magnet manufacturer, we have various solutions for your brand customizing. You can have premium metal magnets with color enameled, or just metal base with magnet backing which can stay a photo insert later. Or you can order a cute rubber fridge magnet from us. Flat 2D & cubic 3D effect just depends on your favor. Paper refrigerator sticker with clear dome is also welcomed. Reach to us right now, our profession will give you unsurpassed quality and business benefit~

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