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Collars are not only an important safety equipment but also unique symbol of pet wear to make your pets looks very special to show their own unique personalities.

We supply customized dog collars and cat collars, different materials like polyester, nylon/imitation nylon, leather, cotton etc. are available, size can be customized. High quality pet collar is a must choice for safety assurance of your beloved pets, adjustable buckle can be adjusted at any time according to different growth stages to help your pets to be comfortable at any ages; a release buckle can make the collar easy to get on and off. Various types of accessories such as dog tags, small charms, bells, flowers etc. are able to be attached to D ring very easily. 

Your pet friends are the cutest elf in the world, they are unique, custom made collars for your puppies or cats enable your four-legged friends easily identification and be the most outstanding and the coolest one on the whole street. Welcome to customize from Brilliant, we can help to make all the patterned design you dreamed about come true. The collars can match the design with dog bow tie, leash and harness. as to be a custom set to let your pet friends more charming.

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