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Trolley coin keyring is very popular with supermarket shoppers for its practicability. What a big user group you can image! Then a superb chance to promote your business and organization comes~ You can treat a custom-made trolley coin keyring as a giveaway at fundraising events, new product launches or trade shows etc. They can remind your customer how valuable you are in their daily use. 

As a professional trolley coin keyring manufacturer, we can offer you wide selection of custom trolley coin styles, processes, logo effect etc. 

If you would like a peculiar shape with premium quality trolley coin keyring, then our zinc alloy caddy coins can realize it. Iron is another option for a high-grade trolley locket coin, it’s cost-efficient but durable. Both of them can be branded with debossed/ embossed metal logos, color enamels, laser engraving, printings etc. 

In case you like a lightweight promo item, Aluminum or plastic trolley coin keyring will be a better option. We guarantee 100% eco-friendly. We will use silkscreen or offset printing way to present the details perfectly for both. Printing on both sides is available.

We believe our high quality but low-cost trolley coin keyring can bring your significant benefit on business, why not have a try? 

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