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Our fantastic custom slap bracelets are able to appeal to people at all ages. It brings joy, safety and learning together from our variety versions of LED slap bracelets, reflective slap bracelets, USB slap bracelet, DIY slap bracelets and so on. 

Simply slap or bend this product to your wrist or ankles as a bracelet, or keep it straight to be a bookmark or a ruler. We offer wide ranges of the material covers like fabric, silicone, soft PVC, coating plastic to make sure the comfortable wearing. There is enough room on the snap bracelet to design with your brand, slogan, or any information you want to expose. 

A promotional slap band makes excellent inexpensive marketing options for brands looking to have some fun while gaining exposure. A slap bracelet with reflective coating, it reflects against light in the dark which is great for nighttime awareness walking, hiking, riding bicycles outside, or child safety. A LED slap bracelet can be used as glow wand, these make excellent marketing pieces in the sporting goods or athletic industries due to their ability to be easily seen in dark conditions.  

Contact Brilliant to create your custom slap bracelet and build more functions.

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