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Brilliant offers an extensive range of fully custom RFID bracelet, leather bracelet, lanyard bracelet, metal bracelet for your choice. 

RFID is the short name of radio-frequency identification, it refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels, are captured by a reader via radio waves. Our RFID wristband combined the most convenient technology with the easiest wearable product together, the emergence of RFID bracelet has completely reshaped the way amusement and operating for companies. 
The RFID bracelet is ideal for variety of applications, like for season pass, club membership, hospital ID, access control, promotional programs, loyalty programs, even for cashless purchasing. By applying RFID bracelet, it helps to reduce waiting times and provide efficient entry control. Also, capture customer data efficiently and improve security perfectly. 
Our RFID bracelet are available of attractive colors and preferred sizes. It is completely waterproof, flexible, easy-to-wear, and it can be designed with your company name, slogan or any promotional message. If you have any question about RFID bracelets, please contact Brilliant.

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