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Brilliant is devote to produce high quality customized pet toys for your loved pets, any of your ideas and designs can be done from here, we care your pets, we are not only selling pet toys to you, but helping you to make your beloved pets happy, relax, comfortable, as well as trained to be better.

Durable balls are perfect dog toys for a game of fetch, throwing a ball is not only the best way to train and exercise the dog, but also is a good way to play fun with him, to promote the emotional with pets. Rope toys feature a myriad of colors, they can be help to consume your pets’ energy to avoid tearing down your home. Chew toys are perfect for puppies, they can not only make the pets’ teeth be healthy but also can avoid your furniture and shoes been destroyed. Plush toys, interactive wand toys are fantastic toys for the cats to paly and exercise, developing their hunting skills.

Whatever dog toys or cat toys you choose for your pets, it is necessary to take the health as a priority, we produce pet toys with natural and non-toxic materials, durable, sustainable, believe we will be your good choice for pet toys.

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