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Our custom paracord is popular in the market, because it is strong, sustainable and reliable. Paracord is the short name for parachute cord, it was originally developed for the paratroopers working for the US Army, nowadays, it is indispensable tool to daily life. For instance, to make a lanyard or wrist strap. or a robust bracelet perfect for every survival adventure. Great because it means you will always have a piece of best paracord close.
Colors for the personalized paracord are available from solid to multi various combined. It could be with metal hook or safety buckles or other accessories for your different needs. Our customized paracord was made from rock-solid nylon cord that will definitely come in handy while picnics, camping, mountain climbing, sailing and even for military use. In addition, it can be divided into several lengths of cord. When cutting it off, however, don’t forget to melt the ends to make sure they won’t fray and to ensure the inner and outer stay together.
We created thousands of paracord bracelets, parachute cord bracelets, paracord keychains for paracord projects successfully, we are expected to work for your personalized paracord soon.

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