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Protective face shield does not just belong to medical workers, you can also have your face full protected with a transparent plastic face shield now, especially you need to reach a lot of people at public place, like supermarket, bank, eatery etc., or some special career such as courier, cleaner and so on. Or if your kids go out for camping, you would definitely want them to be away from droplet, dust, wind, UV rays and more. We believe the simple and portable face shield will become a necessity after this COVID-19. 

Thinking about using such a low-cost face shield as a brand spread tool? Brilliant as a specialized promo products manufacturer is always here to help you catch each business opportunity. We have not only standard face shield for mass groups, but also the unique design with cute cartoon images for little children. You can just customize your brand color or element on our stock safety face shield and distribute at various business activities, your corporate image will be surely enhanced in great step. 

In touched? Then contact us right now, we are sure you will win a lot with the help of this reusable face shield~

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