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With the advantage of washable, durable, and nontoxic, Emboss tech patches become more and more popular. Brilliant manufactures high quality custom-made emboss tech patches for apparel, sport shoes, backpacks, hats, blankets, stationery, daily commodities and cosmetic package since 1984. 
The exquisite emboss tech patch is personalized item, it can be with premium and fine texture, colorful appearance and nice details. The customized logo can be processed by eco-friendly PVC or TPU material which are with strong elasticity and high density. We can follow the customers’ idea to make the logo into 2D or 3D designs. Various processes can also be well-combined for achieving the best performance of the complicated logo design, such as additional printing or hot fix rhinestone onto the customized embossed tech patches. The background of the patch is an open option as well, you can choose cotton twill fabric, felt fabric etc. There are many different ways to fix them, such as sew on, iron on, double adhesive tape, safety pin, etc.

If you are interested in creating a unique emboss tech patch, please contact us today!

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