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A custom-made carabiner keychain is a very effective tool for managing keys and your brand info in your customers’ bags, wallets, pockets etc. The climbers, riders, janitors, office assistants etc. will feel at ease with the help of this cheap and practical carabiner keychain. Then a great business opportunity comes out. You can treat this low-cost carabiner keychain as a promotional giveaway during the fundraising day, new product launch, tradeshow, sports event or any other events. 

As a professional carabiner keychain manufacturer, we promise all customized keychains are top qualified but cheapest. We use premium Aluminum alloy as base metal, environmental anodized plating & sleek finish for an eye-catching appearance, and advanced engraving equipment for high legible brand info. We only offer qualified safety products. 

For customizing options, you can not only choose from sizes, colors, styles etc., but also add special elements, such as hanging with a durable paracord strap or a short lanyard which can be printed or affix a rubber patch, or a dangle charm for more attractive and more. Just reach to us, we can help you realize your brand promotion successfully~

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